Calcite and Chalcopyrite from Sweetwater Mine (Milliken Mine; Ozark Lead Mine), Ellington, Viburnum Trend District, Reynolds Co., Missouri, United States [437]    Rhodochrosite Stalactite Slice (polished both sides) from Capillitas Mine, Andalgal√ɬ°, Catamarca, Argentina [416]    Rhodochrosite on Sphalerite from Eagle Mine, [1700 level], Gilman, Gilman District (Battle Mountain District; Red Cliff District), Eagle Co., Colorado, United States [432]    

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I have been a software engineer by vocation since 1980. I have been a mineral collector by passion since 2004. is my attempt to blend my computer skills with my love for mineral specimens and everything that surrounds them.

So far I have focused on building database-driven selling sites for mineral dealers, either by converting an existing "static" site, or building the site "from the ground up".

For more information on what the dealer's control panel interface looks like, including screen-shots, please see The [imaginary!] Friendly Ghost Crystal Company.

I also offer web hosting services which emphasize high uptime, reliability, and support.

Please watch this space for more information on specific services I offer.

Here are some of the live sites now powered by

My own collection is also viewable on the web, using a variant of the same software that runs the dealer sites:

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